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Laura switched her gaze to “Mr. Sutherby,” who still stood at the front of the room, looking at his feet. A bag – the same one that hit her this morning – hung slumped over his shoulder. Finally, she saw him shake his head, and start to make his way over to her. He walked slowly, and every step he took looked like it was one step closer to agony. In spite of herself, Laura began to feel a little nervous, too. Her heart started beating faster, and she could feel her palms start to clam up. He sure was taking his time coming over.

Her sense of self-awareness was fading. Her conception of herself was fading. She didn’t know how much longer… Abruptly, all that was gone. Her own thoughts rebounded harshly to her, and she staggered back. She looked up. Logan was standing there, smiling at her knowingly. ” she managed. ” She was short of breath, and felt like she had run a hundred miles. ” “Everybody’s in the school. ” The way he said it made it sound like he was explaining the most natural thing in the world, like spring weather.

Millburn could see right through to her soul, see the very essence of her being. And her stomach clutched up in response. “Or perhaps Mr. ” She paused, just long enough for the snickers in the classroom to be heard. Laura could feel her cheeks grow hot. ” Oh God, no. “Yes, that sounds like a good idea to me. You can be the person responsible for his academic development in this course. ” Both she and Mrs. Millburn knew it was not, and Laura felt her cheeks grow warmer and warmer by the second. ” Laura cursed herself for failing to pay attention earlier.

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