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By Corbett J A, Hogg J, Robinson R O Dobbing John [Edited by] with Clarke A D B

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All children in Aberdeen were routinely given group intelligence tests in middle childhood. Any child scoring below IQ 75 was then assessed individually on the WISC, as well as undergoing a paediatric examination and assessment of parental social class. The usual social class gradient was evident; prevalence of mild retardation was 28 times higher in social class V than in I to IlIa. mor e children, living in the least desirable areas, in more crowded homes and when the mother's occupation before marriage was semi-skilled or unskilled manual work.

New York Zigler. E. and Valentine. J. ) (1979). Project Head Start: A Legacy of the War on Poverty. Free Press, New York Commentary 37 COMMENTARY J. M. A. Hermanns Clarke and Clarke present an overview of a number of relations that exist between mild retardation and the society in which it is found. Lucidly they discuss hereditary. psychological. interpersonal and social influences on the aetiology. the development and the prevention. On one of the points they make. some digression seems worth while.

A study of the effects of differential stimulation on mentally retarded children. Proceedings of the American Association on Mental Deficiency, 44, 114-136 36 Ann M. Clarke and A. D . B. Clarke Terman. M. and Merrill. A. (1973). Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: 1972 Norms Edition. Houghton-Mifflin. Boston lizard. J. (1974). Longitudinal studies: problems and findings. In Clarke. M. and Clarke. B. ). Mental Deficiency: the Changing Outlook. 3rd edn •• Methuen. London; Free Press. New York Waddington.

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