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Saigon, una novela dedicada a los angeles que fue capital de Indochina, nos hace revivir l. a. historia este pueblo durante gran parte del siglo XX; una historia que sirve de marco a un amor profundo entre dos seres separados por l. a. geograf?a, los angeles raza, l. a. religi?n y los angeles cultura. En 1925 a los quince anos de edad, Joseph Sherman llego por vez primera a Saigon. period miembro de una expedici?n de caza organizada por su padre, senador en Estados Unidos. l. a. funesta cacer?a que pone fin a l. a. visita de los angeles familia Sherman, cobra sin embargo un numero suficiente de piezas de caza mayor para adornar el museo Sherman en Washington. Fascinado por el hechizo avasallador de l. a. Perla de Oriente, Joseph abandona Indochina, pero no sin haber sido testigo de l. a. mas rica de todas sus colonias. Y el lector tiene oportunidad de comprobar el odio que arde en el coraz?n de los anamitas, pobladores de este pa?s que Occidente habr? de conocer muy pronto bajo el nombre de Viet Nam..

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Chuck guffawed uncontrollably and Joseph laughed too, but a little uncertainly, wondering whether he correctly understood the French boy’s irreverent humor.

He glanced at his watch and offered the glasses to the American boy. “Would you like to look? ” With his naked eye Joseph had glimpsed only a faint smudge of coastline, but through the glasses he was able to see more clearly some of the rocky peaks of the thousand-mile-long mountain spine that linked the rich southern rice lands of the Mekong delta and Saigon with the fertile plain of the Red River around Hanoi in the north. From the book he’d just put down he knew that vast tracts of virgin tropical forest covered those mountainsides and large areas of the lowlands too; in the book there were sepia-tinted photographs of primitive tribesmen who still hunted with stone- tipped arrows and poison darts in those same forests that also teemed with elephant herds, tiger, buffalo, black bears and countless other rare species of animal life that had been left undisturbed by the march of civilization.

Like sleep- walkers in a dream the coolies began advancing out of the shade towards the ship. As they came, many of them spat repeatedly, leaving behind them a trail of crimson, betel-stained saliva on the burning concrete of the wharf. 3 “Pousse-pousse! ” yelled Chuck Sherman and sprang down the steps of the Continental Palace Hotel into the Rue Catinat with his arm raised in the manner of a French colon. Immediately a swarm of coolies rushed towards him, dragging their wire-wheeled rickshaws behind them, and he leaped into the nearest one with a loud whoop.

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