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By Melissa Scott

ISBN-10: 0671883909

ISBN-13: 9780671883904

During this most recent "Deep area 9" experience, commander Sisko faces off a dangerous invisible warship.

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Another hour, at least," the technician answered. And that really was too much time. Kira shook her head, forced a fleeting smile. "Thanks anyway, I think I'll pass. " "As soon—" The technician interrupted himself as one of the others turned away from the last console, tucking her dataclip back into a belt pouch. " That was the last step before launch. Kira nodded. "Thanks," she said again, and flung herself into the tiny command chair. The boards lit at her touch, and she ran her hands over the controls, initiating the final check sequence.

But if it's cloaked—" Which would mean the attacker's a Klingon, Sisko thought, or maybe a Romulan. Or someone who trades with them. He shook the thought away as unproductive, fixed his eyes on the screen. "Captain, come to course—" He looked down at his own console, touched keys to slave his screen to the map on the main viewer. "—one-nine-six mark fourteen. That puts you on the most direct route for the station. Proceed at your best speed—" "Warp five," the Xawe interjected. "That'll still take him six hours," Kira whispered, as much to herself as to any of the others.

In the background, the Xawe captain's voice droned on, repeating his appeal. "See if you can get a fix on the ship, Dax. " O'Brien looked down at his console. " Sisko faced the screen image, locking eyes with the Xawe captain. "This is Commander Benjamin Sisko, in command of the Federation space station Deep Space Nine. " The Xawe's barbels writhed, a gesture that Sisko could only read as anger and despair. The Universal Translator added the same tones to the hoarse voice. " Sisko asked, and the Xawe's barbels twisted again.

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