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The publication provides glossy biophysical equipment, in specific: 1. gear of fast response kinetics. 2. Novel equipment of the excessive structural solution of protein folding reactions with emphasis on protein engineering ways. three. Mathematical therapy of a giant number of universal different types of chemical or actual reactions. four. Experimental suggestions for the answer of chemical reactions and structural alterations of proteins. vital concepts comprise DNA cloning and site-directed mutagenesis, Phi-value research, NMR, temperature leaping, fluorescence, round dichroism, and pulsed LASER spectroscopy, continuous-flow and stopped-flow tools, ultrafast blending, labeling equipment, strain leap and repetitive strain perturbation, sound speed size, and dielectric rest. one hundred forty five figures and 15 tables offer crucial details of experimental information now not simply chanced on in different places.

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Before reaching the mixing chamber, the two streams of liquid are gently joined together so that no significant mixing occurs. 2. The mixing chamber consists of a tip in which a sphere is placed. Intense mixing is triggered by the liquid flowing over the sphere. 3. The size of the mixing sphere may be as small as a few micrometers. At a typical flow speed of 10 −100 m s−1, a dead length of 100 µm corresponds to a dead time of 1−10 µs. 4. Using continuous-flow rather than stopped-flow avoids pressure waves at high flow speeds.

Different positions of the LASER/detector system correspond to different time points of the reaction kinetics triggered by the mixing of the two liquids. Using a continuous-flow cell instead of a free jet in air (see Fig. , 1997; Yeh and Rousseau, 1998). See also Lin et al. (2003); Cherepanov and De Vries (2004). Fig. 4. , 1997; Shastry and Roder, 1998). Mixing over a sphere of 200 µm diameter enhances turbulence and enables mixing in the 15-µs time scale and a dead time of about 50 µs. A 50-µm platinum wire serves for the adjustment of the platinum mixing sphere.

1 T-jump apparatus Fig. 6. Electrical-discharge-induced temperature-jump (T-jump) method. A capacitor is charged by a power supply up to a specific voltage and then rapidly discharged through the sample cell that contains the protein in a buffer with a certain electrical conductivity, for example, 50 mM phosphate buffer with 100 mM KCl. The electrical discharge causes Joule heating by 1−20oC with rise times of typically 500 ns − 10 µs, depending on the instrument settings, in particular on resistance of the protein solution and capacitance.

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