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By G., and A. Martini, Editors; Hilgetag

ISBN-10: 0471937495

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Xxv + 1,183 pages together with three appendices, index and errata, accomplished carbon processing and synthesis in three elements; development of equipment, chemical response and research of ensuing actual characters of carbon dependent elements, bw illustrations

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144 22 Formation of carbon-hydrogen bonds Colloidal platinum (cf. Paal and Amberger152): Sodium lysalbinate (1 g) is dissolved in 30 times its weight of water, and slightly more sodium hydroxide solution is added than is necessary for bonding with all the chlorine that is to be added as hydrogen chloroplatinate. To the alkaline solution is added next a solution of hydrogen chloroplatinate (2 g) in a little water. The clear dark brown solution is treated with a slight excess of hydrazine hydrate.

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