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By Michael Sullivan III

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Precalculus: thoughts via services, A Unit Circle method of Trigonometry, 3rd Edition specializes in the basics: preparation for sophistication, practice with homework, and reviewing of key suggestions. With the strategies via capabilities sequence, the Sullivans reveal scholars to features within the first bankruptcy and hold a continuing topic of capabilities in the course of the textual content. This procedure guarantees scholars grasp easy talents and increase the conceptual realizing they want for the direction, eventually getting ready scholars for destiny math classes as well.

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In Figure 1, the x-axis and y-axis are labeled as x and y, respectively, and an arrow at the end of each axis is used to denote the positive direction. The coordinate system described here is called a rectangular or Cartesian* coordinate system. The plane formed by the x-axis and y-axis is sometimes called the xy-plane, and the x-axis and y-axis are referred to as the coordinate axes. Any point P in the xy-plane can be located by using an ordered pair 1x, y2 of real numbers. Let x denote the signed distance of P from the y-axis (signed means that, if P is to the right of the y-axis, then x 7 0, and if P is to the left of the y-axis, then x 6 0); and let y denote the signed distance of P from the x-axis.

Points: 11, 22; 10, 12; 1 - 1, 02 Points: 10, 22; 1 - 2, 22; 1 22, 22 2 15. y = x + 2 16. y = x - 6 17. y = 2x + 8 18. y = 3x - 9 19. y = x2 - 1 20. y = x2 - 9 21. y = - x2 + 4 22. y = - x2 + 1 23. 2x + 3y = 6 24. 5x + 2y = 10 25. 9x2 + 4y = 36 26. 2 Graphs of Equations in Two Variables; Intercepts; Symmetry 17 In Problems 27–36, plot each point. Then plot the point that is symmetric to it with respect to (a) the x-axis; (b) the y-axis; (c) the origin. 27. 13, 42 28. 15, 32 32. 1 - 1, - 12 29. 1 - 2, 12 33.

If you get a wrong answer, read the pages listed in red. 1. Solve the equation 2(x + 3) - 1 = - 7. (pp. A64–A66) 2. Solve the equation x 2 - 4x - 12 = 0. (pp. A67–A68) Concepts and Vocabulary 3. The points, if any, at which a graph crosses or touches the coordinate axes are called . 6. True or False To find the y-intercept(s) of the graph of an equation, let x = 0 and solve for y. 4. Because the x-intercepts of the graph of an equation are those x-values for which y = 0, they are also called or .

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