Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life by Frank R. Wallace PDF

By Frank R. Wallace

ISBN-10: 0911752862

ISBN-13: 9780911752861

Complex poker education.

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Also as his opponents develop into big winners or big losers for the evening, they become less objective and respond more to their feelings. A decrease in discipline has a cumulative effect that can cause even a sound player to deteriorate into a poor player. For example, if a loss in discipline generates a breakdown in self-control, then a process of deterioration starts. Deterioration may be only temporary . . but it can be permanent, especially with compulsive gamblers. Deterioration can start spontaneously or can be induced by-● ● ● ● ● ● ● a long losing or winning streak entering a higher-stake or a lower-stake game a close loss of a big hand a bad play or bet an upsetting remark boredom or weariness a personal problem The good player recognizes any loss of discipline during the game.

Average maximum win: +$550 Average maximum loss: -$450 Performance of opponents-- Average and fairly stable. Quintin is improving. Scotty, Aaron, and Ted are deteriorating. html (6 of 16)9/17/2004 12:18:04 PM Poker Book, Techniques Regular players-- John Finn, Quintin Merck, Sid Bennett, Ted Fehr, Scotty Nichols. New or occasional players-- Aaron Smith, Mike Bell, Charlie Holland, Mac Zimmerman, Jim Todd, Jake Fehr, Lee Pennock, Jeff Klien. Games played-- Draw and stud with twists, high-low, and qualifiers.

Next is Sid Bennett, who opens for $25. John check-raises to $50. Sid and Scotty call the raise. Now John draws and immediately looks at his card. He misses his flush. Does he give up? No . . by paying attention and thinking, he still has a chance to win that $250 pot. John stays alert. and this is what he sees and hears: Sid Bennett draws one card, sticks it in the center of his hand, then quickly looks at it. Is he drawing a flush, a straight, or two pair? Probably two pair because when Sid draws one card to the flush or straight he places the draw card at the back end of his hand and then looks at the card very slowly.

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