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By Peter J. Quinn, Valerian E. Kagan

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The previous couple of years have witnessed an explosion of either curiosity and data approximately apoptosis, the method during which a cellphone actively commits suicide. it really is now good regarded that apoptosis is key in lots of elements of ordinary improvement and is needed for preserving tissue homeostasis. The molecular mechanisms of apoptosis are almost immediately unknown and the topic of concentrated learn attempt. it really is transparent that cellphone membrane constitution and houses play an early half within the induction approach. there's expanding proof that the association of polar lipids within the membrane lipid matrix is an very important issue coupled with the homeostatic mechanisms in charge for retaining membrane lipid concerned, in all likelihood as an immediate final result of disturbances within the lipid bilayer matrix. the aim of this quantity is to check the involvement of membrane lipids in early occasions of apoptosis. specifically, the function of phospholipids in mitochondrial permeability, membrane lipid asymmetry, and sphingolipid and phospholipid signalling tactics in early apoptotic occasions are reviewed through present researchers in those fields.

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