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The totality of one’s life (seventy or eighty years) becomes the measure by which a human and vital force calibrates the entire universe. Temporality for Heraclitus is thus one that takes h\mator into account: it is aionic, neither a flux in which k|cor is impossible, nor a k|cor in which change is relegated to unreality. ” Hippolytus reads Heraclitus correctly in the Refutatio (IX, 9, 1) when he says that Heraclitus says that the whole is mortal and immortal, and that k|cor is aQ~m. Child’s play, riddle, a dark light, these are ways in which Heraclitus is pointing to the complicated structure of aQ~m.

Tales of the wandering hero striving to survive the wrath of the gods and the elements extend far beyond the limits of the Greek world (e. , Gilgamesh, Sindbad), and the Odyssey was only the most famous version; its images and formulae need not have been exclusive to the Homeric poem. Still, the Odyssey is the only nostos poem that has been preserved, and is certainly a paradigmatic epic expression of the adventures of the wandering hero. 6 When hexametre poets decided to sing on a new subject like the exiled soul, the Homeric model was an inevitable source of inspiration and competition for them, even if they may also have been heirs of other poetic traditions like older Orphic katabaseis.

52 Heraclitus links h\mator and vpmor to construct a link between perception and knowing. This knowing occurs neither in the dark, nor is it foolish, as “private understanding” would imply. It is not one of pure k|cor either. It is a “lighting” which one illumines by oneself, not in terms of understanding but in terms of one’s own existence. 53 The presence of death in life is never available to perception. It can only be given as a lived, experienced, personal testimony. 31. The reversals (tropai) of fire: first sea; but of sea half is earth, half lightening storm.

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