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By Artemis Alexiadou, Monika Rathert, Arnim Von Stechow

ISBN-10: 3110172291

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This quantity includes contributions facing the syntax, morphology, semantics, and diachronic improvement of the best and the elements it's equipped on throughout languages. the quantity brings those elements jointly, practicing a entire thought of the correct which takes into account the interfaces among many of the elements of the grammar. matters addressed comprise: the temporal vs. aspectual personality of the right, the contribution of adverbial amendment, the constitution of the correct participle.

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Combed fettig. greasy In order to account for the contrast in (9), Kratzer proposes that adverbs adjoin to a verbal projection embedded within the adjectival passive morpheme: (10) phrasal adjectival participles Kratzer furthermore points out that negated adjectival passives are incompatible with adverbial modification: (11) *Das Haar war hässlich ungekämmt. ' Since modification is impossible, 'un' is attached to an adjectival category not embedding a VP: (12) lexical adjectival participles participle affix Thus, the presence of 'un' signals a lexical adjectival participle.

Implies: the boat will remain inflated for a few hours (58) a. *Apedikse proved-3sg 'He proved b. *Stegnosa dried-lsg Ί dried the to theorima gia deka xronia. ' ta ruxa già dio ores. ' The for-adverbials in the German example (55) and the Greek examples in (57) describe the length of the target state characterized by the verb. Verbs that cannot form target state participles do not have target states that can be modified by 'for-adverbials' and, therefore, (56) and (58) are ruled out. Participles and voice 17 Kratzer (2000) proposes that phrasal target state participles are built by stativizing a phrase consisting of a stem with a target state argument and an object (cf.

She demonstrates that Greek phrasal adjectival participles may include an implicit external argument when they denote resultant states (see von Stechow 2001 for relevant semantic discussion) while the external argument is absent from target state participles. German participles never include an implicit agent, whether they introduce target or resultant states. Arosio analyzes the temporal meanings associated with the Italian verbal forms with particular attention to "perfect" constructions and their interaction with durative adverbials.

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Perfect Explorations by Artemis Alexiadou, Monika Rathert, Arnim Von Stechow

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