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By Andrew Holmes

ISBN-10: 1841125644

ISBN-13: 9781841125640

Pains on Trains is the ideal technique to take the tedium out of commuting, certain to develop into as critical to the professional traveler because the blow--up pillow and water sterilising drugs. In Pains on Trains, Andrew Holmes and Matthew Reeves set their attractions at the scourge of the trendy workplace employee -- different place of work employees who clog up trains, buses, boats and planes with their stressful conduct and miserable outfits. Pains on Trains is devoted to the rush--hour veteran and comprises a a pain--spottinga consultant to the very worst humans you meet in your day-by-day travel. each one painful personality is illustrated of their ordinary context and supported through a quick narrative

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A bit of the Blitz Sprit creeping in perhaps. The Engager’s rarity decreases the later you go home, so my advice is leave for home early if you want to avoid them. If you leave it too late you might also bump (or perhaps slip) into the Vomiter. SEASONAL VARIATIONS Any party season tends to bring out more Engagers than the norm, as they are often H E E N G A G E R closely related to a mild form of the Drunk. In particular, Christmas is a great time to spot the Engager, dressed in tuxedos, wearing flashing Santa hats, or just generally worse for wear after the Christmas party.

If you find yourself attacked by the Broadsheet try tapping or knocking into their paper. Not only will this irritate them, but it will ruin their read. 3. Alternatively, if their paper is encroaching over a table and into your space, lean into it so that you head is constantly banging into it. Once again this can be assured to disturb their read. 4. Buy a broadsheet yourself – then you can have a battle of the Broadsheets. This can be great fun. And, if you want to feel superior at the same time, make sure it’s the Financial Times.

What is more fascinating is the paper itself, as this suggests something about the person reading it. The Guardian – trendy leftist, who supports social re-engineering but still likes his six figure income. The Guardian reader likes to pretend they are concerned about the social welfare of those around them, but in the main they are there for the pose and out for themselves. They normally dress like tramps, have unkempt hair and like to pose as pseudo-intellectuals The Financial Times - clearly suggests that the reader is in finance, the city, posing or is independently wealthy (although why would they want to be on a packed train, nobody knows).

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