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By Maurice Chatelain

ISBN-10: 1523901853

ISBN-13: 9781523901852

Who're we? the place did we come from? How did we get the following?

the entire solutions are right here, greater than lifestyles, and extra robust than fiction, awarded by means of the NASA scientist whose Apollo computing device application bought us to the moon:

-The mystery of Atlantis

-The importance of the good Pyramid at Giza

-The misplaced treasures of historical Egypt

-The puzzle of the Mayan Calendar

-The fact approximately astrology

-The global underneath the polar ice caps

-Stonehenge, miracle of arithmetic

-The Rhodes Calendar

-The secret of the Maltese move

-What the Apollo and Gemini astronauts rather observed

utilizing subtle pcs, new and formerly ignored details, and his direct event because the NASA scientist who designed and equipped the Apollo communications and data-processing process, Maurice Chatelain amasses beginning and convincing proof that our ancestors got here from outer house.

"A mathematical technique, in addition to an archaeological overview... may still end up to be significantly tougher than Erich von Daniken's 'Chariots of the Gods.' A beneficial contribution to severe scholars of the traditional mysteries, via a true scientist..." -The Dayton day-by-day information

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Carbon dating seemed tailormade for this purpose because all Mayan temples had heavy wooden beams made from a tree called "sapodilla," which has a rich latex content and does not rot. Also insects do not affect this evergreen which is now cultivated to produce chicle, the main ingredient of chewing gum. Furthermore, all inscriptions on the radiocarbon dating chaeologists Mayan temples mark the exact date according when they were built. The Mayas used the dar ing by 20, with a dash and dot system.

Either the number 360 was given to their ancestors by astronauts or at that time the solar year was exactly 360 days long. The first explanation is very possible, the second one less so— but not totally impossible. 009684 times shorter than now. That seems to be impossible at first glance, but less so if one remembers the theories of the planet Venus being a planet that wandered into our system at some time in the past and was captured by our sun. Earth certainly had its part in this capture and was possibly pushed further out from its original orbit, giving us a longer year.

Then a few years ago, a young Scottish astronomer by the name of Duncan Lunan, had a bright idea. He thought that come from an alien spaceship same distance as the moon and that the variable intervals between the transmission of signals and reception of echoes might represent an intelligent coded message representing geometric figures or even the map of a constellation, as Bracewell had already suggested in 1968. these signals could very well have orbiting the earth at about the By using the usual television technique of so many dots per OUR ANCESTORS CAME FROM OUTER SPACE 32 line and so many lines per frame, Lunan transferred the various on a chart as he would have done on a television screen.

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