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By André Heck

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It is hard to imagine that any foundation or agency called upon to spend about $4-$5/second on a night of observing will not expect every second to be accounted for and used productively, as is the case today with particle accelerators. Imagine these facilities combined with increasingly complex machines: telescopes with thousands of segments, multi-laser guide star adaptive optics, sophisticated scheduling algorithms to minimize wind buffeting, huge detectors and instrumentation infrastructure.

However, at the design review, the meniscus approach prevailed. It was judged as “quite capable” of meeting the Gemini science requirements. The project proceeded using a more “corporate style” where management and systems engineering became as prominent, robust, and unavoidable as the project’s science requirements (McCray 2004). In a sign of the new paradigm of strict accountability, the entire project underwent a two-year intensive review by the NSF’s Office of the Inspector General (NSF’s auditors) after Gemini was completed.

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