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67]O32 (( = vacant sites) and the space group Fd3m. Synthetic maghemite often displays superstructure forms which arise as a result of cation and, therefore, vacancy ordering (Van Oosterhout & Rooijsmans, 1958; Bernal et al. 1959). The extent of vacancy ordering is related to the crystallite size and the nature of the precursor and the amount of FeII in the structure. Feitknecht (1964) found that as synthetic crystals of Fe3O4 ca. 8389 nm. The intermediates had the same crystal size and morphology as the original crystals.

4 f shows the atomic arrangement in the {011} plane commonly displayed in real goethite crystals (see Chap. 4). The goethite structure contains two types of O atoms designated as OI and OII (Fig. 4 e). On the OI site, the O atom is shared between octahedra of two different double chains, whereas the OII atom is shared between octahedra in the same chain and is also linked to the proton. Neutron scattering has shown that the OII ±OII distance is 1) The space group was changed from Pbnm to Pnma leading to a ?

1974; with permission) shorter than that of other O±O distances in the structure. As a result, the double chains of octahedra are twisted slightly with respect to each other (Fig. 4 d, e). Each Fe in an octahedron is surrounded by four nearest Fe atoms across edges (4E) and four next to nearest Fe neighbours across corners (4C) (cf Fig. 3). Non-linear hydrogen bonds pass diagonally across the empty cation sites in the goethite structure. These bonds help link the chains of octahedra; the hydrogen bond joins an OII of one octahedron to an OI of an octahedron in a chain diagonally 17 18 2 Crystal structure opposite.

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