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By Celeste Bradley

ISBN-10: 1429901888

ISBN-13: 9781429901888

Unique book: 2006

For years, woman Julia Barrowby has acted the a part of an outdated man's decorative bride, by no means revealing that she has secretly helped the in poor health Lord Barrowby in his paintings with the Royal 4. Now that her husband has died, Julia believes his position within the 4 is hers via correct. yet convincing the rest participants are not effortless, particularly with Marcus Ramsay, Lord Dryden, distracting her at each flip. in some way, the mysterious Marcus turns out to work out into her very soul, without problems pleasurable all her mystery, forbidden longings…

Marcus stood subsequent in line to be selected for the 4, and he's not keen to be displaced by way of a lady, regardless of how exciting or appealing she will be. lower than orders to enquire Julia, Marcus discovers her diary, overflowing with years of loneliness and craving. gratifying Julia's fantasies is the ideal approach to catch up with to her, yet seducing this interesting creature is quick turning into greater than a method to an end--it is his soul's inner most desire…

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