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A deprojection of the β-model assuming nearly isothermal gas then results in a physical gas density distribution ∝ [1 + (r/rc )2 ]−3β/2 . Many astronomers outside the X-ray community are surprised to learn that baryons in the form of hot gas outweigh the matter associated with the galaxies by a large amount. The X-ray gas in clusters outweighs the stars in the same clusters by a factor Mg /M∗ ∼ 5–10h−3/2 (David et al. 1990; Edge et al. 1992; Arnaud et al. 1992; Roussell, Sadat & Blanchard 2000).

Cluster ICM temperatures are very strongly correlated with cluster X-ray luminosities, which typically range between 1043 –1046 erg s−1 bolometric. The Lx −Tx correlation arises naturally from a physical relationship between the temperature and the gravitational potential of the cluster, the fraction of baryons in the gas phase, and the minimum entropy of the gas. ) The combination of the density ne (r) and temperature T (r) profiles from clusters as obtained by observations with sufficient signal, spectral resolution, and spatial resolution, leads to a pressure profile.

This age does not include the main sequence lifetime of the white dwarf precursor. g. Oppenheimer et al. 2001b). The broad bands seen in the spectrum in Figure 1 are due to H2 but it is of interest to point out that no cool white dwarf has yet been observed that actually shows these spectral features. Perhaps it is because no objects this cool have been discovered up until now, or that the models are still somehow deficient, or that possibly the Universe is not old enough for hydrogen-rich white dwarfs to have reached such low temperatures.

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