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By Scot Morris

ISBN-10: 0030602971

ISBN-13: 9780030602979

Book containing a chain of fifty three units of fairly tough mind teasers that
really problem; solutions integrated later in e-book. 146pg. Omni Mag'83

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During this time they are swept along at 70 feet per round. They cannot slow their passage by grabbing onto things; there’s nothing to grab onto! They cannot swim against the current; it’s too strong, and too dark to tell directions accurately. If the proficiency rules are being used, have every PC make a Swimming proficiency check each round. If proficiencies rules are not used, or if some characters do not have Swimming proficiency, each character must make a Strength check and a Dexterity check, each round.

At last, they convince Khelben to take them along to the Yawning Portal Inn. To the Yawning Portal Gravely wounded adventurers are tended in a wing of Piergeiron’s Palace, which has been equipped as a crude hospital. Anyone merely tired of the quest is escorted by the Watch to the green and beautiful calm of The City of the Dead. In this huge cemetery they sit idly out of the way in the coming conflict. They get caught up in Event 2 of Chapter 6, rejoining the action then. Ylarell salutes and runs out.

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