New PDF release: Occultism and modern science

By T. Konstantin Oesterreich

(translated from the second German variation)

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Age of 14 her first abnormal experiences began. They took the form of nocturnal apparitions. Later on, new phenomena manifested themselves ; and finally, after she had joined spiritistic circles 1892, and had herself become one of their disciples, she developed into a regular medium, experiencing while awake phenomena previously in only experienced by her at night. Thus, in her writing, written characters differing from her a 17 18 OCCULTISM AND MODERN SCIENCE to appear here and there. To these were added, later, acoustic phenomena and Finally the somnambulistic dream rapping.

Piper was producing supernormal psychic phenomena. In her trance she was able picious attitude that to give detailed information regarding James's relatives, though none of these lived in the neighbourhood. Some had settled in California, others in Maine, some were already dead. She knew that one of James's children was " Your dead. child," said the spirit which claimed to be talking through Mrs. Piper to " James, has a playfellow here in our world, a " and this name was boy named Robert Fr found to be the actual name of a child who had ; James himself believed the information to be incorrect, and that the child referred to had been a little girl.

This cycle is further " characterized by the introduction of a tian " language. The Martians Mar- impersonated speak no language known on earth only Martian ; and their written characters differ entirely " " from any Flournoy has earthly alphabet. examined both languages and script most minutely. being The very melodious speech vowel sounds estimated at seventy-three per cent preponderating was proved by him to be a thoroughly grammatically-grounded language ; but no independent tongue, merely The language a somewhat transformed French.

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