New PDF release: Oak Lords (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons : Dragonlance Dls3

By Blake Mobley

ISBN-10: 1560761334

ISBN-13: 9781560761334

Prior to the Cataclysm, the nice Kith-Kanan and a band of courageous elves separated from their Silvanesti brethren and based the mythical realm of Qualinesti. Then, simply ahead of the conflict of the Lance, the fledgling nation toppled sooner than evil dragon armies. Now the good struggle is over and new beginnings arise!

The new Speaker of Suns, Porthios-Kanan, returns to Qualinesti along with his humans, yet they locate it in spoil. The elves imagine to desert and historical past, but Porthios won't give up. He gathers a small band of heroes to find if Qualinost, the elven capital, nonetheless stands!
This event, the second one a part of a trilogy, will lead the desktops to many old secrets and techniques and magical wonders, together with an day trip into the Astral aircraft!

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See back of card for more information. STR INT 11th-Level Human Cleric 12 DEX 12 WIS 14 16 CON CHR THAC0 14 AL LG 12 17 HP 46 Armor Class: 3 (leather armor, cloak of protection +5). Weapons: staff of curing/striking (1d6/1d6), warhammer (1d4+1/1d4). Equipment: Medallion of Faith, Golden Circlet, selected 500 stl. Languages: Plainsman, Hill Dwarf, Qualinesti. Spells: (0% failure) 5+2 1st, 4+2 2nd, four 3rd, three 4th, two 5th, one 6th. See back of card for more information. .........................................

15 Y Y 5% CE G—140’ 13,000 W arrior, Skeleton 11 2 1 6 Y Y 90% NE M—6’ 4,000 15 2 2 W (+3 to attack) * 9+9/50 Wichtlin 4+4/36. ) indicates pre-rolled, others are perfect averages • • Dmg of W indicated by weapon all special attacks and defenses are detailed in the Monstrous Compendiums • **: astral dragons are immortal; * indicates special * Tasslehoff Serinda Sevenstar Serinda’s family met death at the hands of a Dragon army early in the War of the Lance. Since then, she has been cheered by the lightheartedness of kenders.

Second, dreams of his uncle have been plaguing him ever since he met Tas, so Jasper has been accompanying Tas until he can interpret those visions. He has always gotten along well with kenders, but Tas is oddly cold towards him and this hurts. Jasper will constantly but cautiously attempt to befriend Tas. That preoccupation will displace other concerns, including the unhappy fact that he is traveling with elves in elven lands! © 1991 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tasslehoff Burrfoot STR INT 13 9 DEX WIS 16 12 Serinda Sevenstar 12th Level Kender Thief CON CHR 14 11 THAC0 1 5 AL N HP 44 Armor Class: 4 (leather +2, +2 Dexterity Bonus).

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