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By William Wynn Westcott

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Contents: Pythagoras, His Tenets and His fans; Pythagorean perspectives on Numbers; Kabalistic View on Numbers; homes of the Numbers in accordance with the Bible, the Talmuds, the Pythagoreans, the Romans, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Hindoos, Medi?val Magicians, airtight scholars and the Rosicrucians: Monad, Dyad, Triad, 3 and a part, Tetrad, Pentad, Hexad, Heptad, Ogdoad, Ennead, Decad, 11, Twelve, 13; a few Hindoo makes use of of Numbers; different greater Numbers; Numbers of the Apocalypse.

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Even in trinities of coequal males, each has his own special worshippers. Note this especially among the Hindus, where for example, the followers of Vishnu are called Vaishnavas. To complicate matters too, in this case, each deity has his female potency or sakti, and these also have their own adherents. 44. Under this notice of the Triad we may refer to the emblem of the Isle of Man, three legs united at the hips. This is supposed to have been derived from Sicilian Mariners at an early date, for the same emblem is found at Palermo in Sicily, and this design is there to be seen on an old public building.

See Purchas, “ The Pilgrimage,” 1613. A letter from Yod within an equilateral triangle was a symbol of the ineffable name Jehovah and was so used by the Jews. The moderns have pointed out that this form suggests the idea that they knew something of a Triune God. Other monograms of Jehovah were also triple; thus 3 rays and the Shin, and three Yods in a triangle. Under the number 3 also we may in passing mention the Royal Arch sign, the “ Triple Tau,” three T’s united. The Nu m b ers ---Th eir Occu lt Power An d Mys tic Vir tu es By W.

Of figures, those, which are characterized by equality and sameness, have relation to the Monad; but those in which inequality and difference predominate are allied to the Dyad. Monad and Dyad are also called Bound and Infinity. 1. It was called “ Audacity,” from its being the earliest number to separate itself from the Divine One; from the “ Adytum of God-nourished Silence,” as the Chaldean Oracles say. 2. It was called “ Matter” as being definite and the cause of bulk and division. 3. It is called “ the interval between Multitude and the Monad,” because it is not yet perfect multitude, but is parturient with it.

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