Neural Control of Space Coding and Action Production - download pdf or read online

By C. Prablanc, D. Pélisson, Y. Rosetti

ISBN-10: 0444509771

ISBN-13: 9780444509772

Scientific neuropsychology has developed by means of integrating in its box the information derived from neuroanatomical, electrophysiological and psychophysical info, and has resulted in the advance of rehabilitation tools.This quantity attempts to hyperlink the recent recommendations and discoveries within the box of sensorimotor coordination. It comprises the most contributions of contributors of a global symposium held in Lyon in 2001 entitled "Neural keep watch over of house coding and motion production". The ebook emphasizes the reciprocal dating among conception and motion, and the fundamental function of energetic sensorimotor association or reorganization in build up perceptual and motor representations of the self and of the exterior international.

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I day and 2 days after hearing the prism combination are shown. pre-lesion, lower panel post-lesion. Horkontal dashed line indicates expected phoria required t’rom 0 to 26 (exe) Note that post-lesion there was some loss in the precision to which the phoria change was tailored to the demands of post-lesion. Post-lesion, however. the phoria shifted to esophoria in the range where there was no prism. Similarly, with the 0-2A vertical prism, a hyperphoria of the appropriate amount and direction developed both pre- and post-lesion.

2003) Control of accxlic eye movements and cotnhined eye/head ga~c shift5 hy the tnedio-posterior ccrehellum. In: C. Prahlanc, D. Peli\son ;tnd Y. ). $trw Cot/i,t,q rrd /lCfiO// /‘m///c~/io,r. wtr,~ch. Vol. 142. EIswtct-. Am~rcrdam, pp. 69-89 (this volume). Kohinwn. R. and Fuch\. F. (2001) The role of the cerehcllum in \olunlary eye movcmenl5. :2ftfttt. &I: Nrtrrrwi.. 24: 9x I IOO3. Scheuercr. W.. Pety, T.. Egxrt. T. and Stt-aube. A. (2001 ) Static alignment xllcr unilateral and hilateral pharmacological inactivation of the caudal fa~igial nucleu\ in the monhcy.

KS. Sci.. 43: 673- 678. J.. D. R. (1992) Intcrconnection> between the ccrehellum and midbrain near reyxtn~e region\. /. Cow/>. Nero-cd.. 5: 9% I 16. G. and Reinecke. D. ( 1983) Phoria adaptation lo prism\. Adt. /Yc~trm/.. 39: 339-342. Mossman. S. and Halmagyi. M. (1997) Partial oculat- tilt rcaclion due to unilabxl cerchellar I&on. N+trro/og~, 49: 19 I-493. Ohtauka. K. and Noda. H. (1992) Burst discharges of ttto\y lihcrs in the oculotnotor bertnis of macaque monkey\ during wxtdic eye movcmenls.

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