Download PDF by Shannon Appel, Adrian Czajkowski, Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs,: Nephilim Gamemaster's Companion

By Shannon Appel, Adrian Czajkowski, Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs, Eric Rowe, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford, Ian Young

ISBN-10: 1568820666

ISBN-13: 9781568820668

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They are unique and cannot be duplicated by Nephilim with any known magic technique. Nephilim call them Masterpieces because their purpose, and the magic used to create them, is unfathomable; they are masterpieces of arcane art. Masterpieces may be the work of an Agarthan as part of some grand design, or they might be Artefacts displaced from another time and place, or another dimension. Nephilim do not know, and can only speculate. Some have existed since the dawn of recorded time, defying the best attempts to unravel their secrets.

Ells cast into the 5m oubles the effect of a USER CONDITIONS: Restricts the use of the spell to certain individuals, defined either by type (only Pyrim, only Justice Arcanum Nephilim), situation or by appearance (only humans wearing black trenchcoats). Without this option, anyone can employ the Masterpiece, provided they know the proper method. ) &ber OptioHs SPECIALIZED MAGIC EFFECTS: Rather than affecting a spell stored in the Masterpiece, this option affects spells cast by a Nephilim in the vicinity of the Masterpiece, and at no additional Ch’awe cost.

A Kabbalistic Lore skill gives clues to the spell’s effect, but the exact identity of the spell is not apparent until it is seen in use and the viewer makes a related Technique roll (if the Nephilim is already familiar with the spell). The options modifying the spell cannot be identified, however. W t e v p i e c e s m b Secret Societies Like other Nephilim magic items, humans expend a great deal of effort in trying to identify Masterpieces and unlock their secrets. An archeological research team’s efforts to understand Stonehenge might be a cover for just such an operation.

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