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The NPWLTP is designed for highly skilled and responsible individuals. This course will help you prepare for one of the most challenging jobs you will ever have. Few other positions cary the responsibility to guard, protect, and save human lives. The purpose of the NPWLTP is to equip you with the skills and technical knowledge to become an effective member of your aquatic facility's Emergency Response Team. Your National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard (NPWL) licence will show that you have participated in levels of training will include rescue techniques specifically designed for use in moveing water.

Usually causes death within 3 to 6 minutes from immersion. Usually occurs within 6 to 10 minutes after water forces the epiglottis to close over the airway. Dry drownings generally occur during activities which involve the use of speed slides, diving boards, or slides that end in a free-fall from a height. As a lifeguard, you may see the guest choking or having a gagging reaction. You should immediately remove the guest from the water. After the reactions have stopped, and the guest is breathing without any difficulty, he may be released.

You should only scan the area of your facility where guests are present. 10. Name three locations of an aquatic facility that have greater numbers of rescues. a. ____________________________________________________________ b. ____________________________________________________________ c. ____________________________________________________________ Page 25 Skill Sheet 2 Scanning and Rotation Know your zone. Scan zone every 10 seconds. Watch for high risk guests, locations, and times. Have a scanning pattern.

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