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By Chris Meyers

During this ebook, Chris Meyers takes the reader on a cautious, rational, sustained feedback of arguments concerning the immorality of homosexuality. Meyers refutes anti-gay arguments by means of exhibiting that they're in response to unreasonable or demonstrably fake principles concerning the nature of morality.

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They may have the grammatical form of a statement, but this is just the literal grammar, or what philosophers call the surface grammar. The surface grammar of a sentence does not always capture the true meaning of what is said. ” The surface grammar of this sentence is interrogative; it is in the form of a question. But is it really a question? Of course not. I am not seeking information, and if you answered by simply saying “yes,” and then stood there doing nothing, I would hardly be satisfied.

We will also question whether it matters, morally, if homosexuality is chosen or can be changed. In chapters 5 and 6 we will consider arguments that homosexuality is wrong because it is unnatural or involves a misuse of the human genitals. In chapter 7 we will look at some of the psychological motivations for why some people disapprove of homosexuality. Many of these motives, it turns out, have nothing to do with any morally relevant reasons. Thus, evidence for these motives provides a debunking explanation for the disapproval of homosexuality (or at least the disapproval of some people).

Here is an analogy. It happens to be true that all living organisms that have a heart also have a kidney, and all living 36 CHA P TER 2 organisms that have a kidney also have a heart. It is true, but it is not true by definition. ” It makes sense to say “this organism has a heart but no kidney,” even though it will be false in every actual case. ” That is a contradiction. So from the mere concepts of organism-with-heart and organism-with-kidney, we cannot determine that there is a strict correlation between the two.

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