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By Douglas Niles

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Amid the storm-tossed vastness of the Trackless Sea west of the mainland, a bunch of rocky islands lies uncovered to the complete brunt of iciness gales. those isles -- the Moonshaes - are domestic to a couple of the hardiest folks of the Forgotten geographical regions.

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I could almost feel the nearness of the earth goddess worshiped by these Ffolk; certainly, I knew why they held her in such reverence. Finally I was able to meet with the king. I found King Kendrick to be a young man, obviously a former warrior, who carried his few years heavily. Wrinkles creased his face, and gray streaks ran through his hair. His manner was listless, albeit polite. During the audience, we were interrupted by the king’s young son and the king’s ward—a striking, dark-haired lass who stared at me so boldly that I had to smile.

The music of bards and minstrels abounds; wares from throughout the Realms are sold at the many small shops. Taverns, of course, are frequent, but are mostly clean and relatively quiet—unusual for a large port. And the entertainment that abounded throughout the city gave to mind thoughts of constant festival, ever32 evolving as the Ffolk found something new to celebrate with the arrival of each day. Musicians walked the streets, playing their instruments and singing as the mood seized them. Bards of the Ffolk, minstrels of Waterdeep, and pipers of Calimshan were present in nearly equal numbers, such that just as the music of one began to fade from the stroller’s ear, another would intercede to take its place.

O’Roarke’s men gave me protection to the southern edge of the forest, and furnished me with a pair of horses and a groomsman to see to the rest of my trip. My last stop was at Cantrev Llewellyn, a large fishing village on the western shore. This community, finally, fit the preconception I had held of the Ffolk: it was a plain burg of several hundred cottages and a few dozen larger buildings. A stone tower, about a mile inland, provided security against raiding northmen. A large community of halflings had excavated burrows into the hillsides near the tower, and the small folk are numerous in the town itself.

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