Molecular Drug Properties. Measurement and Prediction by Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers PDF

By Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers

ISBN-10: 3527310762

ISBN-13: 9783527310760

Content material: the elemental ideas of GRID / Peter Goodford -- Calculation and alertness of molecular interplay fields / Rebecca C. Wade -- Protein selectivity reviews utilizing GRID-MIFs / Thomas Fox -- FLAP: 4-point pharmacophore fingerprints from GRID / Francesca Perrucio ... [et al.] -- The complexity of molecular interplay: molecular form fingerprints by way of the PathFinder procedure / Iain McLay ... [et al.] -- Alignment-independent descriptors from molecular interplay fields / Manuel Pastor -- 3D-QSAR utilizing the GRID/GOLPE method / Wolfgang Sippl -- Use of MIF-based VolSurf descriptors in physicochemical and pharmacokinetic reports / Raimund Mannhold ... [et al.] -- Molecular interplay fields in ADME and defense / Giovanni Cianchetta ... [et al.] -- growth in ADME prediction utilizing GRID-molecular interplay fields / Ismael Zamora ... [et al.] -- speedy ADME filters for lead discovery / Tudor I. Oprea ... [et al.] -- GRID-derived molecular interplay fields for predicting the location of metabolism in human cytochromes / Gabriele Cruciani ... [et al.]

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1 DMPK The study of DMPK has changed from a descriptive to a much more predictive science [3]. This is driven by great progress in bioanalytics, development of in vitro assays and in silico modeling/simulation, and a much better basic understanding of the processes. Thus, and fortunately, ADME-related attrition has lowered from around 40% in 1990 to around 10% in 2005 [13]. 2 Lipophilicity – Permeability – Absorption As an example of the role of physicochemical properties in DMPK, the properties relevant to oral absorption are described in Fig.

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