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By Judith Reeves-Stevens Garfield Reeves-Stevens

ISBN-10: 0743442490

ISBN-13: 9780743442497

In the middle of the kingdom struggle, the level is determined for a last apocalyptic war of words among the Prophets and the Pah-Wraiths: immeasurably robust alien entities that exist open air of linear time. Bajor is in falmes. The corridors of Terok Nor echo with the sound of conflict. it's the finish of the Cardassian career -- and the start of the best epic experience within the annals of Deep area 9. Six years later a mystery which has remained hidden because the Cardassian withdrawal is published for the 1st time and Captain Benjamin Sisko needs to face the main risky problem of his occupation: except he can achieve the key of the fabled misplaced Orb of the Prophets, what started with the autumn of Terok Nor will finish with the destruction of Deep area 9 -- or worse. Plunged right into a nightmare during which the Pah-wraiths have triumphed and linear time now not exists, Sisko and his staff have one narrow likelihood to stay away from a cosmic catastrophe. they have to go back to Deep house 9 -- but if? at the day of the Cardassian withdrawal from Terok Nor, or at the day, six years later, while Deep area 9 used to be destroyed? Which selection will result in the triumph of the Prophets, and which to everlasting victory for the Pah-wraiths? For Sisko to alter the prior and restoration the current, he needs to be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice: his future...The 3 volumes which make up the Millennium Omnibus are booklet One: the autumn of Terok Nor, ebook : warfare of the Prophets and publication 3: Inferno.

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Garak,” Terrell said with sarcastic condescension. “I don't know which surprises me more. That you haven't left the station already. ” Quark looked back to see Terrell standing before Garak. The tailor's sagging body was held upright by the two female soldiers, each holding an arm. Garak shook his head as if to clear it. “I was merely trying to warn you,” the tailor said faintly. “I believe that Gul Dukat may have failed to inform you that for some reason the station's self-destruct system has been inadvertently activated.

Quark had never seen a bald Cardassian before. In some ways, the sleekness of the Cardassian's skull made the alien look more intelligent. Except, of course, for his pathetically small ears. Not to mention the two secondary spinal cords running up the sides of his wide and flattened neck like cables on a suspension bridge. And the spoon-shaped flap of gray flesh on his forehead that made him look like a— The light from the tricorder's small screen flashed a different set of colors across the bald Cardassian's face.

I have a stomach neutralizer in my bar . ” Quark mumbled hoarsely. He waved a hand vaguely in the direction of an area behind his captor. If he could just get back to his bar. . But there was an abrupt lull in the phaser firefight, and the gray stranger jerked Quark to his feet. He pointed spinward toward the jewelry shop—or what was left of the jewelry shop. ” he shouted. ” Protectively holding on to both of his oversize ears, Quark peered through the haze at what appeared to be other figures hiding among the debris in front of the gem store.

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