S. Coleman Charlton, John D. Ruemmler's Middle Earth Role Playing (Middle Earth Game Rules, PDF

By S. Coleman Charlton, John D. Ruemmler

ISBN-10: 0915795310

ISBN-13: 9780915795314

MERP includes all of the parts required to play a delusion function enjoying online game:

CHARACTER improvement approach - protecting Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, and so on.
MAGIC approach - easy but complete principles for spells.
COMBAT procedure - reasonable and flavorful, quick and playable.
GAMEMASTER instructions - fabric masking commute, encounters, climate, random occasions, therapeutic, poisons, and magic goods.
CREATURES AND RACES - a close appendix masking the key beasts, monsters, and peoples.
SAMPLE event - a beginning event set within the Trollshaws, entire with layouts.

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A small coop is in the rear of the shop. It holds 6 homing pigeons, which Y'dey uses for communicating with the Archcleric of Veluna. This same information is sent to Furyondy (and then to Veluna and Verbobonc) by way of Otis' regular reports; the pigeons are a back-up system. 4. BOATMENS' TAVERN & NULB MARKET This large old warehouse building houses a small tavern in a back corner. The remainder of the place is both a warehouse and general store. Various items of soft and hard goods are offered here, as well as general provisions and fresh seafood.

If the party looks carefully overhead, a bit of whitish color can be seen amidst the rafters ten feet above. This is an intact ivory robe, with cowl, edged and embroidered with reddish-pink whorls and lined with pale blue satin. 5. WEST ALTAR 7. GRAND STAIRCASE The supporting pillars in this wing are sandstone, resting on a red slate floor. Bits of broken pottery and sharp bits of rock cover the floor here, making walking about a risky business. The stump of a granite monolith, and chunks of brownish-red rock around its base, indicate that the altar was violently assaulted and destroyed.

The altar block of pinkish white marble is roughly oval something over 7 feet long by 5 feet wide. Its top has a hollowed out portion resembling a human form, with legs apart and arms away from the body. This depression is stained a darker color than the rest. Just north of the altar is a circular, marble-lined pit — a well of sorts— 20 feet in diameter. Shards of broken crystal vessels lie about the well, near the altar, and scattered about the floor. A crystal knife with a broken blade lies atop the stone block.

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