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The books translated during this quantity are fourth, 5th, and 6th within the conventional ordering of Aristotle's Metaphysics. the character and metaphysics are mentioned in G and E. A sophisticated exam of the rules of non-contradiction and excluded heart occupies the latter a part of G. D is within the kind of a philosophical lexicon. All 3 books include vital fabric on being, substance, "accident," harmony, fact, reason, and different such suggestions. the interpretation is particularly with regards to the Greek, as an relief to scholars who can't payment the English model opposed to the unique. it's by way of an interpretative and significant remark. For this new version, Kirwan has additional a considerable element of additional touch upon numerous vital concerns, and significantly extended the bibliography.

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195^3). These then are pretty well aU the ways in which causes are so called. From their being so called in several ways it follows both that the same 5 things may have several causes, not coincidentaUy, as for instance a statue has both the art of statuemaking and bronze, not by virtue of some other thing but qua statue, yet not i n the same sense but the one as matter and the other as that from which the change [proceeds]: and that things may be causes of one another, as for instance exercise of fitness 10 and the latter ofexercise, yet not in the same sense but one as fulfilment and the other as origin ofchange.

195b10). Again, both the former and the latter wiU be so called in combination, as for instance not 15 Polyclitus or statuemaker but Polyclitus statuemaker. These words are omitted in the M S S . of the Physics and bracketed in the O C T of the Metaphysics, * Read παρά. 30 Δ 2 TRANSLATION 1014· 1014*15 {Physics I I 3. 195^12). However, aU of these amount to six, so caUed in two ways: either as the particular or as the genus or as the coincidental or as the genus of the coincidental or these as combined or as stated baldly; and aU of them either as actually functioning or in respect of cap- 20 acity.

But ifeach makes an exception ofthese cases—the former that the contrary [of his statement] is alone not true, the 20 latter that his own is not false—they wiU end up none the less begging an infinite number of statements, true and false; for the statement which states that the true statement is true is true, and this wiU go on to infinity. 1012^22. I t i s obvious that the statements made by some people that everything is at rest, and by others that every­ thing is changing, are not true either.

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