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By June Haighton, Debbie Holder, Veronica Thomas

ISBN-10: 0748777008

ISBN-13: 9780748777006

The textbook objectives the better degrees of the grownup Numeracy Curriculum, access point three, point 1 and point 2. masking all the 3 topic components of the curriculum in a single booklet, it bargains revision of access point 1 and a couple of subject matters the place applicable. workouts growth from basic numerical questions progressively expanding in hassle to include numbers into language. feedback for replacement tools of studying are supplied for college kids who're suffering to realize a specific subject.

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Multiply 1 " 30 and 1 " 2. Add the answers across then down. 32 NUMBER Traditional Method 3 4 3 1 2 8 1 3 1 This works out 32 " 1 then 32 " 40, then adds them. Multiply 1 " 2 # 2 Multiply 1 " 3 # 3 Put the 2 in the Units column. Put the 3 in the Tens column. ) Put a zero in the Units first (because you are now multiplying tens). Multiply 4 " 2 # 8 Put the 8 in the Tens column. Multiply 4 " 3 # 12 Put this down on the left. ) Add together the 32 and the 1280 # 1312 2 1 2 0 2 If you prefer, you can start by multiplying 32 " 40.

F) Over 150 000 more people are employed in wholesale and retail than manufacturing in the South East. g) Approximately 20 000 more people are employed in manufacturing than wholesale and retail in the North East. True or False? True or False? True or False? True or False? True or False? True or False? True or False? You will need to carry out a series of calculations with large numbers to solve the following problem. Use estimation to check your answers at each stage. 2 The money taken at a charity concert is listed below in the income table.

28p is nearly 30p. 3 " 30p # 90p. Yes, he can afford the 3 stamps. Example A shopper buys 3 items costing £49 each. The shop charges £196. Is this approximately correct? £49 is nearly £50. Example 3 " £50 # £150. No, the shop has charged too much. A businessman needs to arrive at an airport at least 2 hours before his flight departs at 11:30 am. He has to drive 50 miles to the airport. What time should he leave home? There is no single correct answer to this problem. The businessman needs to use his knowledge and experience to work it out.

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