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By A. P Domoriad

ISBN-10: 0080136737

ISBN-13: 9780080136738

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If the analysis succeeds, the vaporscanner will indicate whether the air is breathable or poisonous, and what gases. are present. OPENING LOCKS Success Rate: 50% + skill level - lock level The specialist needs a bioscanner to analyze a biological sample. If the analysis succeeds, the bioscanner will indicate what type of plant or animal the sample was, and whether it is edible or poisonous.

Two large flaps of skin grow on either side of their bodies, attached along their arms, torso and legs. When a Yazirian raises its arms, this membrane is stretched tight and forms a sort of wing. Under certain conditions (explained under Gliding). Yazirians can glide short distances using these wings. Yazirians have muzzles and high foreheads, giving them an animal-like appearance. Their heads are surrounded by manes and collars of hair, which varies in color from glossy black to pale yellow. Their skin color ranges from gray to light tan.

They can not communicate, and often are nothing more than moving, self-operated appliances. An example of a level 1 robot is a maintenance robot that washes and waxes the floors of a building each night. Level 2 robots can handle several simple jobs. They can receive and follow radio commands in binary machine language sent from some other machine, such as a robot brain or a computer. An example of a level 2 robot is a heavy machine that digs into and smashes up rock, then separates out flecks of gold.

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