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By Arthur Benjamin, Michael Brant Shermer

ISBN-10: 0929923545

ISBN-13: 9780929923543

Utilizing confirmed ideas, this quantity indicates how one can upload, subtract, multiply and divide speedier than is feasible with a calculator or pencil and paper, and is helping readers triumph over their anxiousness approximately math.

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For example: 987 (900 X 900 80 X X 9 = 9 = + 80 + 7) 9 8100 + 720 8820 7x9= + 63 8883 When first solving these problems, you may have to glance down at the page as you go along to remind yourself what the original problem was. This is okay at first. But try to break the habit so that eventually you are holding the problem entirely in memory. 24 MATHE MAGICS In the last section on 2-by-l multiplication problems, we saw that problems involving numbers that begin with 5 are sometimes especially easy to solve.

To find it, you need to know how far 468 is from 500. The answer can be found by using "complements," a nifty technique that will make many 3-digit subtraction problems a lot easier to figure out. ) Quick, how far from 100 is each of these numbers? 49 68 57 21 79 Here are the answers: 57 + 43 + 100 49 68 32 + 51 100 100 + 21 79 + 100 79 21 100 Notice that for each pair of numbers that add to 100, the first digits (on the left) add to 9 and the last (on the right) add to 10. We say that 43 is the complement of 57,32 the complement of 68, and so on.

But I know that at the time plenty of my teachers were frustrated with me. I was diagnosed as hyperactive and my parents were told that I had a short attention span and probably would not be successful in school. Ironically, it was my short attention span that motivated me to develop quick ways to do arithmetic. I could not possibly sit still long enough to carry out math problems with pencil and paper. Once you have mastered the techniques described in this chapter, you won't want to rely on pencil and paper again, either.

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