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Equations of parallel transfer of the vector P α , which are  1   dϕ + Fi q i dτ + Dik q i dxk = 0  c . 141) and divided by dt. 5. 142) < c2 , dτ = 0, dt = 0. 143)   1 d  i ·i n i k  Dn + An· u −  M u + 2M 1 − 2 w + vk u   dt c      1  i i n k k F + M ∆nk u u = 0  − M 1 − 2 w + vk u  c where 38 Chapter 1 Kinds of Particles in the Pseudo-Riemannian Space ∗ ∗ where d = ∂t∂ dτ + ∂x∂i dxi , d dτ ∗ ∗ = ∂t∂ + vi ∂x∂i , and also ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ d ∂ dτ ∂ 1 ∂ ∂ = + ui i = 1 − 2 (w + vm um ) + ui i .

E. the three-dimensional space experiences rotation). 73). 198) if vi vi < ± c2 . 199) As known, the regular (substantional) particles we observe move at velocities which are slow to the velocity of light. 198) can not be met in the world of substance, but is permitted for the other states of matter (light-like matter, for instance). 56 Chapter 1 Kinds of Particles in the Pseudo-Riemannian Space dt The coordinate time increases ( dτ > 0) at vi vi >±c2 . g. the linear velocity of the daily rotation of the earth) is also slow to the velocity of light.

In a particular case, where the space is free of rotation, the observable time stops following gravitational collapse w = c2 . Generally speaking, the state of zero-space can be given by any of the whole scale of physical conditions represented as w + vi ui = c2 . The state of gravitational collapse (w = c2 ) is only a particular case in the scale of the conditions, which occurs in the absence of the space rotation (vi = 0). 14 Basic introduction into the mirror world 57 the direct flow of time and the world with the reverse flow of time (the mirror world) is not a particular region of a zero-space wherein gravitational collapse occurs, but the whole zero-space in general.

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