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By Harriet Sergeant

ISBN-10: 1903219655

ISBN-13: 9781903219652

. 2003, 94pp

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It is very important, from the beginning, to warn her against tales and gossip likely to condition her brain to the idea of painful labour and delivery. If told by friends or neighbours about the suffering and pain of their deliveries, she must simply answer : " My case is different, I am going to practise a new method—the psychoprophylactic preparation for painless childbirth which has proved to be effective in thousands of deliveries and makes all the difference ! " It is important from the first interview to associate in the woman's mind the idea of childbirth with the certitude of a successful labour, with the absence of fear of pain and anxiety about her own and her baby's life and with the pleasant atmosphere of the maternity hospital, where doctors and nurses will be ready to help and support her.

A. Less than Five Centimetres of Dilatation Allow the patient as much liberty as possible, reading, writing, knitting, playing cards with other expectant women in the entertainment lobby. They can even take a walk in the garden, if the season permits. Watch discreetly and attentively in order to foresee the least weakness. This, of course, is not applicable in all cases, but it seems that this period is more readily tolerated when the patients have a feeling of a sense of co-operation and reciprocal aid.

Have OXYGEN ready during labour. 5. Adequate HYDRATION is necessary. These patients may have frequent sips of water. 6. Only gentle VAGINAL examination should be done. No rectal exams. ) 7. During contractions, watch for : (a) Perfect muscular release (RELAXATION). (6) Shallow and fast breathing (which is an important part of the conditioning). 8. Keep the patient informed of her progress during labour. Try to be encouraging. Let her know her dilatation in CENTIMETRES. 9. If the patient becomes exhausted, 20 mis.

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