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Британский египтолог Джеральдина Пинч (Кембриджский Университет) рассматривает связи между мифом и магией, выделяя магическую роль богини Исиды и бога Бэса. Большое внимание уделяется магическим техникам, рассматривается тема Магия и медицина. Анализируются магические тексты, теологические трактаты жрецов, разнообразные амулеты и статуэтки. В заключительном обзоре раскрывается влияние египетской магии на другие культуры и цивилизации.

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The Devouress' squats by the scales. From The Book of the Dead of the Theban priestess Anhai, c. 1100 BC. 34 Some of the caverns are worlds in miniature, containing deserts, lakes of fire, rivers and islands. These caverns of the Duat were inhabited by a fantastic array of beings. They are shown with human bodies, but the heads of animals, birds, reptiles or insects (figs 5, 31). Some have two heads, or a head that faces backwards. Others have threatening objects, such as a knife or a torch, in place of a head.

Families made regular offerings to their ancestors who had become akhu and prayed to them almost as if they were gods. The Egyptians sometimes wrote letters to their dead. One such letter asks the deceased person to fight on behalf of his family. The dead could be 'fighters', just like the divine manifestations on the apotropaic wands. The intervention of the dead in the affairs of the living was not always benevolent. Letters to the dead sometimes accuse akhu of causing sickness, legal problems, and other disasters.

9 It is not usually clear why an afflicted person decided that a manifestation of a particular deity was causing his or her problem. They may have consulted a divine oracle or a village wise woman to identify which deity they had offended (see Chapter Four). In one case, it is obvious that Taweret was the offended party. A villager lost a cake from his family shrine during the festival of Taweret. The thief only confessed after suffering a bau (manifestation), presumably of Taweret. In another case, a craftsman lost a valuable metal tool.

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