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By Steve Richards

ISBN-10: 0850304016

ISBN-13: 9780850304015

Drawing on a large choice of assets, Steve Richards discusses the entire spectrum of good fortune phenomena, from the hidden ideas in the back of coincidences to easy oracle platforms that you should use to enhance your good fortune NOW.

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He is buying because he thinks the price is going up instead of down. In other words, he thinks you are wrong. Now bear in mind that this person reads the same newspapers you read, pores over the same charts as you pore over, broods over the same hot tips that you brood over, is almost (but perhaps not quite) as intelligent as you are, and he thinks you are wrong. And what makes the difference is not what the company that issues the stock is doing, but how many others there are like him out there voting against you.

There was even a scheme for building ‘a wheel for perpetual motion’. All these companies prospered, even though some of them were not even in business, and the South Sea Company prospered most of all. On 28 May South Sea stock was trading for 550. After four more days of furious trading it had risen to 890. There was a brief dip in price as investor confidence sagged, and then it started up again, each day breaking the record set the day before, until the price reached as high as 1000. It seemed nobody could lose money.

15 Once in the government he failed to win elections, then, in the Admiralty, ne was responsible for the disastrous expeditions to the Dardanelles and then to Gallipoli. As Chancellor of the Exchequer he played a major role in returning Britain to the gold standard, a move which led to deflation, unemployment, a miner’s strike, and finally to the general strike of 1926. In 1939 he was responsible for losing Norway to the Germans. When he was named Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940 he was well over sixty years old, and considered a brilliant loser.

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