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By Otto Snow

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Is the main entire reference advisor at the syntheses of LSD-25. Reactions are defined together with a evaluate of the duty strength file: Narcotics and Drug Abuse, Annotations and experts' Papers. the various reactions comprise: Synthesis of N,N-dialkyl substututed lysergamides. The Curtis response. practise of d-iso-lysergic acid hydrazide; d-iso-lysergic acid azide; d-iso-LSD.
The Garbrecht Synthesis. Epimerization of d-iso-LSD into d-LSD. Fractional crystallization of LSD-25. Separation of d-lysergamides from d-iso-lysergamides. replacement syntheses of lysergamides. Ergoline alkaloids from Rivea Corymbosa; morning glories; Argyreia nervosa. lifestyles background and poisonus homes of Claviceps paspali. Host crops to Claviceps paspali. Host vegetation proof against synthetic inoculation of Claviceps paspali. constructing Claviceps purpurea. Claviceps purpurea cultivation and pressure choice. coaching of media. Inoculation of cultures. Alkaloid construction by means of Claviceps cultures. extra fermentations. Alkaloid extraction from cultures. Recrystallization of lysergic acid. Lysergic acid from Claviceps tradition. box inoculation of rye with Claviceps purpurea. practise of ethylamine and diethylamine. coaching of ethyl bromide. training of hydrazine sulfate and anhydrous hydrazine. pill manufacture. Molded capsules. capsule computing device. Compressed drugs. education of "Clearlight" provider: "sheeting". Blotter provider. N,N-Dialkyltryptamines and substituted alpha-alkyl and N,N-dialkyltryptamines. Psilocin from psilocybin containing mushrooms. expanding psilocybin & psilocin content material of cultivated mushrooms utilizing tryptamine. education of N,N-dialkyltryptamines. training of tryptamine from tryptophan. instruction of alpha, alpha-dialkyltryptamines. Electrolytic aid of 3-(2-nitro-vinyl)indole to organize tryptamine. Syntheses of gramine and analogs. substitute syntheses of tryptamines. instruction of substituted indoles. Melatonin. Adrenoglomerulotropin. Harman; harmaline; harmalol; harmine; harmol. Neurotoxic tryptamines. destiny study. Over 225 references to clinical and scientific magazine articles. listed.

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_ ..... _---_ .... ----_ ... -. 001 gram manganese sulfate heptahydrate 20 % mannitol 3 % peptone tap water laviceps purpurea alkaloid production reaches 1,800 pg (per mL) of ergotamine after an 18 day fermentation. ---- _------------------------------------- . The following culture media was developed by Mary, Kelleher and Schwarting (1965) at the University of Connecticut, torrs. The research was conducted on the cultivation of faviceps paspali. It was a study of the inorganic requirements Of this species of Claviceps.

_-------------------_ .... --_. The following culture media uses mannitol as a carbon source. Mannitol maybe replaced by sucrose or glucose but should be sterilized by running through a Seitz filter. 2 with aqueous ammonia The following culture media for Claviceps purpurea was developed by Amici, Minghetti, Tonolo and Spalla (1964) at SOcieta Farmaceutici Italia. 2 with aqueous ammonia. Yields are approximately 1 gram of alkaloids per liter. _--------------- The follOWing media has been used by Amici, Minghetti, SCotti, Spalla, and Tognoli (1967).

A small piece of the mycelium is then taken from one half of the ergot and placed onto the media. This technique must be done rapidly as opening of the culture dishes for extended periods will produce contamination. Several dozen dishes must be cultured as contamination will occur and during strain selection many of the cultures will be discarded. STAA I N SELECTI ON The sclerotiaI form of Claviceps purpurea, ergot, is a heterokaryotic fungus, that is a multi strain fungus containing multinucleated cells.

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