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He can influence man to commit both murder and suicide, but He is also the master of the mysteries 9f the art of death curses, nigromancy and Forbidden Alchemy. In His aspect as Lord of the Emerald Flame and Wielder of the Poisoned Sickle (Qayin Messor/Qayin Qatsiyr), he governs the dark magic of the Cursed Garden and its Ars Venificium. Manifested through these forms, Qayin's powers are nevertheless not limited to works of bane. They are also connected to the transcendental forms of high sorcery that aim to bring death to the clay-born ego, and liberation to the Fire-born Self from the fetters of causal limitation within cosmic existence.

Through these aspects, Qayin manifests His essence as Master of the Mighty Dead, all of whom belong to His Bloodline of Fire. He also acts as the bestower of Necrosophic Gnosis, as well as the sovereign and owner of the 'Dark/Sinister Dead' who are the possessive shades of murderers and suicides. The foremost symbol of Senor de la Cruz Negra is the black Crux Calvaria (Skull Cross). According to exoteric tradition, this Skull Cross is connected to the crucifixion of Jesus upon the place where the skull of Adam is believed to have been buried.

I call upon the guardian of the Emerald Flame! I call upon He whose poisoned sickle harvests widdershins! I call upon the First Tiller of Earth! I call upon the First Killer of Man! 88 Salve Qayin Messor! Hail Qayin, the Reaper! 89 I/II I I ii I call upon He who grants Necrosophic Gnosisl I call upon the sovereign of the phantasmal hosts of the dead! i1 Salve Sef\or de las Sombras Oscuras! Hall the Lord of Dark Shadows! I call upon He who mercilessly spills the blood of all enemies! I call upon He whose scythe is both my shield and my sword!

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