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By Ratner S.A.

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The important thing to remember about these sources is that they can either deliver or absorb electric power, generally maintaining either voltage or current. This behavior is of particular interest for circuit analysis and led to the creation of the ideal voltage source and the ideal current source as basic circuit elements. The challenge is to model practical sources in terms of the ideal basic circuit elements. An ideal voltage source is a circuit element that maintains a prescribed voltage across its terminals regardless of the current flowing in those terminals.

This memory chip holds 20,000 photos. a) How many photos fit into a cube whose sides are 1 mm? b) How many bytes of memory are stored in a cube whose sides are 200 mm? 7 is 845 mi in length. The line contains four conductors, each weighing 2526 lb per 1000 ft. How many kilograms of conductor are in the line? 5 One liter (L) of paint covers approximately 10 m2 of wall. How thick is the layer before it dries? 6 Some species of bamboo can grow 250 mm>day. Assume individual cells in the plant are 10 mm long.

B) Find the maximum value of p in milliwatts. c) Find the total energy delivered to the circuit element in microjoules. 22 The voltage and current at the terminals of the circuit element in Fig. 5 are zero for t 6 0. 5 V D flashlight battery says that the battery will deliver 9 mA for 40 continuous hours. 0 V. Assume the drop in voltage is linear with time. How much energy does the battery deliver in this 40 h interval? 16)e-1000t A. a) At what instant of time is maximum power delivered to the element?

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