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Philip Burton explores Augustine's therapy of language in his Confessions - an incredible paintings of Western philosophy and literature, with carrying on with highbrow significance. certainly one of Augustine's key issues is the tale of his personal encounters with language: from his acquisition of language as a toddler, via his profession as schoolboy orator then big name pupil at Carthage, to professor of rhetoric at Carthage and Rome. Having labored his manner as much as the eminence of court docket Orator to the Roman Emperor at Milan, Augustine rediscovered the catholic Christianity of his youth - and determined that this used to be incompatible along with his rhetorical occupation. Over the subsequent ten years, he progressively reinvents himself as a unique kind of language expert: a Christian highbrow, commentating on Scripture and preaching to his flock.

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Hagendahl does not exclude the possibility that Augustine knew Plautus but simply chooses not to cite him, but in practice assumes that he simply did not know him. However, the rich manuscript traditions of Plautus if nothing else suggest fairly widespread awareness of his work; it may be easier to assume that Augustine simply found him less congenial to his tastes and purposes. 7 We may perhaps recall Tom Sharpe’s comic novel Wilt, in which a further-education lecturer tries in vain to interest his class of English provincial 1970s red-blooded day-release apprentice butchers in that alienated Eisenhower-era preppy Holden CaulWeld.

He is mooning around the Forum, thinking over his latest rhetoric assignment. At the same time, another student is hacking away with an axe at some lead railing on a balcony overhanging Silversmiths’ Street (or possible Bankers’ Street; the Latin argentarius covers both). Alypius hears the noise, and idly goes to investigate. As he arrives, the other student comes running past him in the opposite direction. Alypius Wnds his axe, picks it up, and is wondering what was going on. Meanwhile, the silversmiths have heard noises, put their heads together (submurmuraverunt), and sent a party to investigate.

5. 7. 42 On the equation of speech, or at least co-occurrence, of speech and rationality, see Gera (2003, especially 182–212). For rational animals, see Porphyry, de Abstinentia 3. 3, with the discussion in Kelber (1958: 86) and the notes in Clark (2000: 163–6). g. fabulosus for ìıŁØŒüò, contentiosus for IªøíØóôØŒüò see Chapter 3. 24 Language in the Confessions of Augustine cognates of himself and other Manichees: ‘I used to say to them, garrulously and ineptly (garrulus et ineptus), ‘‘Why does a soul made by God get things wrong .

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