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By Faisal Devji

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Landscapes of the Jihad explores the positive aspects that Al Qaeda and different strands of militant Islam percentage in universal with international events akin to environmentalists and anti-globalization protesters. those comprise a decentralized association and an emphasis on moral instead of appropriately political motion. Devji brings those and different features of Al Qaeda jointly in an research of the Jihad that locates it s squarely in the transformation of political idea after the chilly War.

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G. Palestine, and Kuwait in 1990–1). g. Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Columbia). A third degree is states kept together only by an authoritarian order (Tibet under Chinese rule, Iraq, the former Soviet Union). During the war years in Lebanon, 1975–90, a number of local militias, international foreign and guerrilla organizations and foreign armies could operate more or less at will, without a central government able to enforce a monopoly of violence. However, el Khazen argues that the state in post-war Lebanon does not present a classic case of a failed state but a state that provides an arena for armed conflict involving several regional state and non-state actors.

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Finally, many terrorist groups are funded by state sponsorship. If we Exploring roots of terrorism • • • • • 29 are to stop the scourge of international terrorism, the political leadership must develop a global consensus to stop the flow of money. Fight terrorism on ideological grounds. The battle against terrorism cannot be fought only on military grounds. We must recognize that the allure of such movements is also group-centric. Therefore, if there is any hope of controlling terrorism it must come also by offering ideological alternatives to the people.

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