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By Bernardino Del Boca

ISBN-10: 8871360036

ISBN-13: 9788871360034

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The Origin of the Universe is Divine. The Universe is a manifestation of, and an emanation from, the One Absolute Cosmic Being. All manifestations of life are centers of consciousness and expressions of the One Life within the framework of its material limitations. There is but One Life in the Universe—the Universal Life. 2. The soul is a spark of the divine consciousness in the Universe. As a drop of water is a part of the ocean and all water, so is the soul manifesting in material expression, a part of the One Soul in the Universe.

To him it was an excellent clinical opportunity to note the effects of the diseases and to compound new remedies for them. All of this was experimentation which was not being done in the great universities in which he had studied. His knowledge of alchemy was so thorough that it gave him an advantageous insight into the chemical properties and their effects on the human organism. He wrote many of his formulas in the alchemical symbols commonly employed by the Rosicrucians of later years. These were not understood by other physicians who became suspicious of his methods.

This was symbolized by the Phoenix rising from the fire. In the Wet Way, the final phase is sometimes signaled by the appearance of a reddish swirl of oil or pink globules on the surface of the matter. This was symbolized by the Pelican, which sometimes can be observed regurgitating a meal of freshly killed fish for its young. The mother’s white breast plumage is often stained with red blood during the feeding process. The Cipher of the Stone The most powerful cipher in all of alchemy is a rather odd-looking glyph that looks like a little stick man.

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