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By Tarthang Tulku

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Within the cosmic dance of time and house, how does wisdom take shape? the connection among intimacy, nice love, and data.

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Since the 'order' imposed through (the self's) experience is not centered in time's dynamic, it is only superficial. A sea of emotions seethes beneath the surface, occasionally erupting. When involvement grows this intense, it feeds back into the frozen momentum of first-level time, creating an imbalance that begins to affect the 'structural integrity' of the temporal order. Pressure builds up, becoming destabilizing, even painful. Unless it is cut off through other self-interpretations, identification grows 20 Knowledge of Time and Space more complete.

While it goes against our usual understanding, we could say that the self and its experiences are an interpretation of time's momentum. Reinterpreted in light of this possibility, the prevailing model of 'bystander-self experiencing outsider-world' offers indirect confirmation that the momentum of time saturates both self and experience. Form and identity become the content projected by experience as it draws on time's dynamic, thereby projecting the self into the realm of existence. Existence responds to the transitory nature of linear time by proceeding from one transition to another.

When success offers a glimpse of a different possibility, the result and the sense of accomplishment do not lasttime moves on, leaving little opportunity to taste freedom or pleasure or joy. The pressure of time leaves us feeling constricted and in conflict. Time slips away, eluding our grasp. The more 28 Knowledge of Time and Space involved we are, the less time there is. And this trend only accelerates: Ten years is a short time, but when ten years have passed, the next fifteen years seem to go by even more quickly.

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