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By Mary Habeck

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After September eleven, americans agonized over why nineteen males hated the U.S. sufficient to kill 3 thousand civilians in an unprovoked attack. Analysts have provided a wide selection of factors for the assault, however the one voice lacking is that of the terrorists themselves. This penetrating e-book is the 1st to provide the internal good judgment of al-Qa’ida and like-minded extremist teams during which they justify September eleven and different terrorist attacks.
Mary Habeck explains that those extremist teams belong to a brand new movement— referred to as jihadism— with a particular ideology according to the concept of Muhammad ibn Abd al- Wahhab, Hasan al-Banna, and Sayyid Qutb. Jihadist ideology includes new definitions of the team spirit of God and of jihad, which permit participants to name for the destruction of democracy and the us and to homicide blameless males, girls, and kids. Habeck additionally indicates how the us may defeat the jihadis, utilizing their very own ideology opposed to them.

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This concept, so central to jihadist ideology, will be discussed in greater detail later. Qutb believed as well that it was the legal system of the state that made it Islamic. Only if the shari‘a was used to rule a land was it Islamic, whether the majority of the people in that country called themselves Muslim or not. Qutb asserted that these “so-called Muslims” were still in a state of “ignorance,” the expression used by Muhammad to describe the Arabs before they heard the call to Islam. By using this term Qutb was in essence declaring that all Muslims not following Islamic law were unbelievers who could be fought and killed.

Any Muslim who engages in this sort of activity has become an unbeliever and should be treated as such, that is, fought and killed. 18 The destruction of the Bamyan Buddhas by the Taliban—who were strongly influenced by Wahhabi preachers—is a logical expression of this belief, as was the decision by the Saudis to destroy the tombs of even Muhammad’s earliest companions. Part of the antipathy shown by Wahhabis (in Saudi Arabia and other countries where they have held power) toward both Sufis and the Shi‘a flows from the latter’s veneration and supplication of saints (pirs) as well as the high position given to Shi‘a clergy and to ‘Ali and his relatives (for the Shi‘a the main religious figures for imitation after Muhammad).

The important ideas expressed by these three theorists, most especially their views of the new jahiliyya, of tawhid, and of the solution that God has commanded for the believers (jihad), would appear in later statements by groups from Morocco to Indonesia and have provided the rationalization for the declarations of war against the United States, the attacks on the “agent” rulers of most Islamic countries, and the indifference of the jihadis even to the death of Muslim innocents. 39 3 The Qur’an Is Our Constitution None of these theorists could have had any impact in the Islamic world if their arguments had not found some sort of resonance in the religion of Islam.

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