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By Dr Lucia Boldrini

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Boldrini's learn examines how the literary and linguistic theories of Dante's Divine Comedy assisted in shaping the unconventional narrative recommendations of Joyce's final novel Finnegans Wake. via certain parallel readings, she explores a variety of connections: matters comparable to the query of Babel, literary production as excrement, the complicated kin between literary, geometrical and feminine types. This e-book will attract students and scholars attracted to Joyce, Dante, and questions of literary family members.

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There is a literal meaning, an allegorical meaning, and perhaps several others ± almost as many as the skins of an onion. '18 But it was Harry Levin who, in 1941, for the ®rst time tried to distribute the `meanings' of the Wake according to Dante's fourfold pattern when he pointed out, in his now classic James Joyce: A Critical Introduction, that the four levels of meaning may be seen as a `useful' tool to tackle the Wake: We have so little critical equipment for divining a complex piece of symbolism that we may be excused for borrowing the terminology of the Middle Ages.

As with Work in Progress, the reader must be able to pick up the hints and clues hidden beneath the surface of Beckett's text. 7 In the following pages I shall therefore exagmine some of Beckett's silences and cunning techniques, as well as make some references to the question of exile, on the subject of Joyce and Dante. A good part of Beckett's essay is devoted to Vico, whereas Bruno gets a lesser share of the critical argument which, moreover, always remains quite general whenever the heretic philosopher is concerned: Beckett only mentions the coincidence of opposites (originally in fact not a Brunonian concept), after stating that at this point `Vico applies Bruno ± though he takes very good care not to say so' (`DBVJ' 5±6) ± an assertion which is, at the very least, debatable.

Levin's reading of the allegorical level as the topography of the city may be generally correct but probably too reductive: while the topographical elements may be seen, at one level, as the allegorical (`other') meaning of HCE and his family, they also constitute, at another level, the physical context for HCE's story, and they must therefore be seen as elements of the literal level `hiding' or `containing' other allegorical meanings. Our starting working hypothesis may then be that the events presented at the literal level can be read allegorically as the vicissitudes of Everyman and of all mankind through history.

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Joyce, Dante, and the Poetics of Literary Relations: Language and Meaning in Finnegans Wake by Dr Lucia Boldrini

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