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This quantity offers a short and available creation to the 9th-century thinker and theologian John Scottus Eriugena--perhaps an important philosophical philosopher to seem in Latin Christendom within the interval among Augustine and Anselm. Eriugena used to be referred to as the interpreter of Greek inspiration to the Latin West, and this e-book emphasizes the relation of Eriugena's idea to his Greek and Latin assets.

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The concept of deification (of human being becoming God), which Eriugena notes is more difficult for the Latins (with the exception of Ambrose), is a very powerful Greek thematic in the Periphyseon, which he tries to reconcile with Latin authorities on the subject. Eriugena's importance in terms of his knowledge of the Greek fathers meant that the estrangement between Greek East and Latin West was slightly lessened in the ninth century. While we could hardly describe ninth-century thought as straitjacketed, the very powerful and immediate presence of the Greek fathers constituted a different perspective in terms of the Latin theology Eriugena had inherited from Augustine.

Eriugena was brave enough to take that risk. While we are unclear as to how far his ideas endangered his life, we do know that his daring in the Periphyseon merited posthumous condemnations for him. 1 Although I have chosen to discuss Eriugena's ideas within the framework of divisoria and resolutiva (diairetike and analytike), both "ways" must be understood as intrinsically entwined and, strictly speaking, are not separate movements or processes. "For the procession of the creatures and the return of the same are so intimately associated in the reason which considers them that they appear to be inseparable the one from the other" (P.

1452C). "And while it is eternal it does not cease to be made, and made it does not cease to be eternal, and out of itself it makes itself, for it does not require some other matter which is not itself in which to make itself" (P. Ill 678D-&79A). The act of creation is coeternal with God and coessential because Eriugena, in correct theological fashion, cannot compromise God's simplicity and infinity by acknowledging that God existed before God created. The processio into created effects can be understood as an increasing lightening or brightening of being.

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