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By Douglas Kendall

ISBN-10: 0595169821

ISBN-13: 9780595169825

Jason is legendary on INFINITY urban for rescuing misplaced spacecraft. INFINITY urban is an grand global outfitted inside of a black gap, and Jason will want all its extremely excessive know-how for his most recent rescue project: To sail out of the black gap aboard his very good gravitonic sailship, find, and rescue a misplaced send of complicated, genetically engineered colonists certain for a brand new world.His venture explodes with unforeseen difficulties: stowaways, the hazards of the sector the place he believes the send is misplaced, and a huge revelation regarding Jason's family and the interesting humans he encounters.This is the 2d e-book of the INFINITY urban sequence in regards to the lives and intriguing adventures of individuals dwelling on an international inside of a black gap, an international of terrific extremely excessive expertise, faster-than-light, time-traveling gravitonic sailships, and complex genetic engineering that reverses the getting older method.

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Jason cut him off: "Yeah, I know... ", Jason hissed leaning forward, staring in blue-eyed intensity, his face gaunt with strain. "Your plan to charge the particle-beam from the main gravitonic cannon -- can you still do it? " Dalton's face broke into a delighted grin. "Yeah, of course! That's what I was about to ask permission to do! ", then reaching over smacked the V-R helmet back down over Dalton's head. He then whirled around, grabbed the manual controls, and brought the sailship hard over to try to avoid the oncoming gravitonic bolts from the approaching pirates.

On the situation screen, Jason watched the faster sailship quickly approach and then pass by the other. It was approaching up the current rapidly toward Jason, less than an hour away. He did not like the looks of it. Jason typed commands at the communication console and beamed a coded recognition signal back down the current toward the approaching ship. It cut so smoothly through the gravitonic current that it HAD to be a ship built on Infinity City. But there was no response -- definitely not run by anyone from Infinity City.

His particle defense weapon was fully charged again but he felt sure he would make the other current before the approaching bolts would hit. However, they were coming on fast! The situation display showed them as blinking tiny yellow dots traveling down the current far faster than Jason or the enemy ships. He noticed that the enemy ships, though clones of true Infinity City craft, were moving much faster than the first pirate craft he had seen, though they were not as fast as Jason's sailship at its current top speed.

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