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The various articles during this factor contain: Iranian Kinship and Marriage by way of B. Spooner; Inscriptions of the Karraquan Mausoleums by way of Stern; Mahmud of Ghaza in modern Eyes via Bosworth; Blind Poets of Shiraz by way of Morrison; Pigeon Towers of Isfahan by way of Beazley; etc.;

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1). More ow. Pm fAV. 3A UAAAiHL drGvd% \ ~ I ~ A\2VI ,PA I -. bI~ Ot CI. 4 ) K raw. map% tk~z r~ r I ,10SA I S? r 14' \$era. =moo EPB O Fig. 4. GeneralZhukovsky's plan of theancient citiesof Merv(Zhukovsky,1894:fig. V). In 1946, the South Turkmenistan MultiDisciplinary Archaeological Expedition (YuTAKE), established by the late M. E. 1 Focused on the three earliest cities, Erk, Gyaur and Sultan-Kala, the results were largely published as summary articles and reports in Trudy YuTAKE. YuTAKE resumed work at Merv in 1986, excavating in Erk and Gyaur-Kala under the direction of Professor Zamira Usmanova (1992), and in Sultan-Kala under Professor Terkesh A and Dr.

Potteryfrom South Gonur. | 10CM EXCAVATIONS AT SOUTHERN GONUR 33 Fig. 8. Drawingof vesselwith hunting scene,South Gonur. gracefully grasping a flower (P1. VIb). The most direct analogies for such terminals are to be found among material from Bactria. Another item of rare interest is a bronze axe found in a tomb, which has a wide blade and an elaborate crest behind the socket (P1. VIa). On the socket an eye, depicted in relief, stands out clearly. Axes of this type that are clearly of cultic or ceremonial type and have blunted blades are also found in the tombs of Togolok-21.

Tomb 2, lower burial level. Ht. 2 cm. HRM 92 111. EXCAVATIONSAT SOUTHERN GONUR ByV. Sarianidi* Moscow The ancient land of Margush as named in the Behistun inscription, or Margiana as it was known in classical times, is situated in the south-eastern part of the Karakum, in present-day Turkmenistan. Nowadays some two hundred ancient settlements are to be found in a total area of 3,000 km2. The most likely candidate for the capital of this ancient land is the settlement Gonur: this covers an area of about 20 hectares, which makes it far larger than the other sites.

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