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By Roger Howard

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Since the profession of Iraq in early 2003, Iran has turn into by means of default the center East's final final major strength, except Israel. but, as safeguard analyst Roger Howard exhibits, Iran feels deeply insecure. it really is during this context that this e-book explores Irans' guns, international family with North Korea and China, politics within the area, and extra. Given the nearby stress and the overt hostility of the us , this ebook presents a vital heritage for realizing the most probably process occasions within the heart East.

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During the Cold War, for example, organizations like Unita in Angola, the Contras in Nicaragua and the more extreme Islamist groups that fought the Soviet army in Afghanistan all had dubious track records on human rights that were conveniently overlooked by their Washington sponsors. And although raison d’état can often create highly questionable alliances, the strong sense of American self-righteousness renders Washington particularly susceptible to making them. Moreover, by declaring their strong support for ‘the people’ instead of mainstream reformist politicians, US officials at times appear to sanction a popular revolution, an obvious recipe for mass bloodshed in a country ruled in part by an extremely determined hard-line elite that controls a strong security apparatus.

The report argued for Israel to assert its control of the whole Middle East by ‘containing and even rolling back Syria, removing Saddam Hussein from power’ and to ‘re-establish the principle of pre-emption’, and the following year Feith and others also urged Netanyahu to ‘make a clean break’ with the Oslo Accords, which they argued were in fact little more than a conspiracy to loosen America’s ties with Israel. 32 The American mind It is, however, unfair to characterize US hostility to Iran as ‘neo-conservative’, ‘hawkish’ or even particularly ‘Republican’.

A similar frame of mind is also evident among senators such as Bill Bennett, who have argued that the USA is caught up in a ‘struggle between good and evil’;64 among academics like Daniel Pipes, whose highly authoritative writings on Islam have none the less                |  on occasion been described as showing ‘all the way down, a Manichaean world, divided everywhere, as much among Muslims as among ourselves, between good and evil, perilously balanced’;65 from policy documents such as Condoleezza Rice’s National Security Strategy, a paper published in August 2002 that argues for ‘a single sustainable model for national success’ – America’s – that is ‘right and true for every person, in every society’;66 and among ordinary Americans, three-quarters of whom, according to one national survey conducted for the Pew Global Attitudes Project in December 2002, felt that their own country typically takes the interests of other countries into account when it draws up its policies.

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